Can Ambien cause constipation and stomach pain?

ambien and constipation

Ambien and constipation

Ambien is a sedative that affects the chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people suffering from insomnia. Asleep enhancer containing zolpidem tartrate, this drug achieves its purpose by slowing down brain activity significantly. Most people who take Ambien have reported side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even stomach upsets.

Which group is most prone to suffer from constipation issues due to Ambien intake?

A study recently concluded that amongst Ambien users, female patients above the age of sixty years reported frequent issues of stomach upsets and constipation.  They had been taking the drug over a period of six months along with other painkiller drugs. The drug should be taken properly with correct dosage; the advantage of buying Ambien online is these online pharmacies provide user reviews. So, before buying from an online pharmacy make sure you check what users say after buying the pill online.

It was also observed that long-time users of Ambien, especially over five years, faced this issue.  The probability of female patients suffering from constipation and stomach upsets effects were found to be quite high at 65.85%, also there were extremely susceptible to suffer from this issue. The symptoms were common amongst older patients usually above the age of sixty. Moreover, recovery rates for affected patients were also found to be quite slow. Almost 92.31% of the subjects from the study have not yet fully healed from the symptoms.

Residual amounts of the drug may be present in the body which tends to affect the normal metabolism of the body. Some patients likened these effects to a feeling of a hangover from a night of heavy drinking. Serious side-effects such as headaches, loss of memory, constipation and stomach upsets were frequent. There were also reports of bizarre instances such as sleepwalking and sleep eating by patients. Under such circumstances, it is always recommended that they seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Patients also frequently reported difficulty in bowel movements. This was the case even for those who had stopped the medication for a while. It may take extended periods of medication and physical therapy to recover fully from the side-effects of taking Ambien

Who should take Ambien then?

Ambien should be prescribed only under severe circumstances of sleep disorder and insomnia. The medication is usually only for a short duration of time and patients are advised to generally reduce or stop if they do not experience recovery from their symptoms. Longer use of this pill might result in Ambien addiction which is very hard to cope up with. Moreover, long-term users especially female patients have reported issues with constipation due to the drug. There were also instances of pregnant women experiencing abdominal pain due to Ambien. Hence a doctor’s prescription is recommended for buying Ambien online and also for indicating the right dosage and time period for treating the condition.

What steps should I take to reduce constipation and stomach pain caused by taking Ambien?

Patients are advised not to take Ambien if they are allergic to zolpidem or any other ingredients in zolpidem. Similarly, the drug is not recommended for patients suffering from the history of depression, mental illness or suicidal thoughts. Excessive long-term consumption of Ambien causes constipation and stomach upsets. This drug is also not recommended for pregnant women as it is known to aggravate abdominal pain. Patients must also restrain themselves from taking regular doses of Ambien for mild instances of sleep deprivation or insomnia. Other than that, when people wanted to consume a tireless medication to relieve from stomach pain, then you can also look out for other medications or herbs such as Kratom, Neem or more, you can find Kratom seller online if just in case you need. It is always important to consult your doctor regarding the right dosage for your condition or if any other physical therapy can be followed.