Corrective Exercise Library

Exercises for Neck Pain and Stabilization

Phase I 

Flex-bar Stabilization Phase I

Dorsal Glide Phase I

Phase II 

Cervical Extension Phase II

Cervical Lateral Flexion Phase II

Neck Tension Stretches 

Levator Scapula Stretch

Exercises for Mid Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

 Phase II

Scapular Row Phase II

“W” Shoulder Retraction  Phase II

Gym Ball Scapular Plank Phase II 

Phase III 

Gym Ball Prone Walk out Phase III 

Abdominal Exercises For Lower Back, Hip and Core Pain and Stabilization

Phase I 

Gym Ball Cunch Phase I

Gym Ball Leg Extension Phase I

Gym Ball Sit-Up Phase I

Phase II 

Gym Ball Reverse Crunch Phase II 

Gym Ball Alternating Fly Phase II 

Gym Ball Abset Phase II

Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain and Stabilization

Phase I 

Dead Bug Phase I

Phase II 

Dead Bug Phase II