Superhuman Performance

Performance (Endurance)

Long 2+ hour aerobic endurance sessions:
-MCT Oil (200-300 calories, 30 minutes prior)
-UCAN Superstarch (80-100 calories per hour)
Hard interval workouts:
-5-10 MAP amino acid capsules (30 minutes prior)
-For hot race, load with 2-3 servings trace minerals per day during race week, including race morning
-10-15 sprays topical magnesium on legs (30 minutes prior)
-5-10 MAP amino acid capsules (30 minutes prior)
1-2 delta-E packets (30 minutes prior)
-1-2 servings Energy28 (30 minutes prior)
Load with 3-4 Extreme Endurance morning and evening for 4-8 weeks prior.
-Any of the teachings/DVD’s from SwimSmooth
-Finis Freestyle Paddles
-PT Paddles
-Zoomer Z2 Fins
-Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
-Underwater Mp3 Player
-Any of the Sufferfest videos
-SkinSake Anti-Chafing Lotion
-ElliptiGo for run training without impact.
-Wear 110% Play Harder socks or calf sleeves during long runs (use code GREENFIELD & get 10% discount and free shipping).
-Mini bands (for training glutes/core).
Heart rate monitor for tracking zones
-Yurbuds + small .mp3 player

Performance (Strength)

-ArmourBite Performance Mouthpiece (during hard lifts/hard intervals).
GymStick or FIT10 for portable exercise while traveling.
-20-25g portions of DEEP30 protein (whey) or LivingProtein (vegan) throughout day if goal is muscle gain.
-Creatine – 0.3g/kg bodyweight for 5-7 days followed by 5g/day. No need to cycle. Recommend Kreaceps capsules.
-Carnitine – 750mg-2,000mg/day – in 2 doses. Recommend Nutrarev.
-Citrulline – 6-8g, 30-60 minutes before exercise. Recommend Citruvol.

-Beta-Alanine – 2-5g, 30-60 minutes before exercise. Recommend NOW Foods.
-BCAA’s – 10-20g every 60-90 minutes during exercise. Recommend Recoverease.

-Daily serving of concentrated greens (to balance pH). Recommend Enerprime, Capragreens, Supergreens, or cycling between all three.

Performance (Power/Speed)

-Power Sled
-TNT Power Cable
-Adjustable Plyometric Box
-Weighted Vest
-Agility Ladder
-Triglyeride based fish oil for enhanced nerve function, 2-4g/day. Recommend SuperEssentials and TwinLab Cod Liver Oil.
-Choline – 250-500mg daily – Recommend TwinLabs.
-L-Tyrosine – 0.5-2g, 20-45 minutes prior – Recommend NOW Foods.
-Green Tea Extract – 400-500mg EGCG equivalent per day. Recommend delta-E.
-Vitamin B Complex. Recommend delta-E.

Performance (Balance)

-Use Gunnar glasses if heavy computer/phone/TV use to protect eyes.
Use airtube headset to protect ears.
Good stability ball (recommend Sisson Pro).
Balance disc pillows.
-Mini-trampoline – 5-10 minute session 3-5x/week.
-Mini bands (for ankle range-of-motion).
-Whole food antioxidant supplement – Recommend Superberry or Solar Synergy.
-Green Tea Extract – 400-500mg EGCG equivalent per day. Recommend delta-E
-Vitamin B Complex. Recommend delta-E.

Performance (Range-Of-Motion)

1-2x/week full body session with Rumble Roller.
Travel with Myorope or MuscleTrac.
4-6 Recoverease per day on empty stomach.
-If flexibility/joints very poor, 6-9 Capraflex per day.
-Resistance Stretching DVD
Athlete’s Guide To Yoga DVD