Success Stories

Hank D.  Neck and Shoulder Injury

Kari H. – Severe Headaches

Janna M. – Neck And Shoulder Pain

Neck and Low Back Pain Sufferer

My neck was very stiff and painful to turn and look to the side.  This has become much better. I also have more mobility.  The lower back and pain down my leg have become much better also with less numbness in my leg.  With the exercises at home I am able to maintain what I’ve accomplished with the Dr. Dan’s help.  Dr. Pozarnsky has been very helpful as well as kind and considerate. Even at my age of 72 he makes me feel I can feel younger and not have to endure stiffness, soreness, and pain if I keep my body moving!

Elaine W. – Age 72 – West Fargo, ND

Neck Stiffness & Shoulder Pain

Prior to treatment I was experiencing neck stiffness, and shoulder pain. HTe pain in my neck and shoulders shoulders made it hard to concentrate.  After going through the chiropractic and physical Rehab programs at Balance Chiropractic & Rehab I am not as stiff anymore.  I am able to concentrate at my job better than before! Dr. Dan is awesome!!

Tammy K. – Age 25 – Fargo, ND

Loan Processor

Arthritis, & Chronic Neck Pain with Loss of Function

I had chronic neck aches for over 5 years! Other doctors had told me it was arthritis and put me on medication. I really thought that was the way it had to be. After a few appointments at Balance Chiropractic I had regained the mobility in my neck so I could actually turn my neck much better! It sure helps when driving, and I sleep better at night.

Dr. Dan’s professional caring manner combined with his variety of treatment methods seems to be the key.

Sandra S. – Age 56  – Fargo, ND

Accounting and Administration

Chronic Lower Back and Neck Pain

I was really stiff and sore in my lower back and neck region with constant fatigue making

it hard to get through the day, much less enjoy it. I had been seeing another chiropractor

and a massage therapist for months but wasn’t getting the relief I was hoping for. Every

month I would get a massage before my chiropractic adjustment just so the doctor could

make an adjustment, and every month I would go home feeling just a little better

for few days and then started feeling stiff and sore again. I started to think it was

just part of getting older and left it at that. I visited Balance Chiropractic + Rehab and set up an appointment with Dr. Pozarnsky While examining me he made note of the stiffness in my lower back and neck region.

He started by showing me new stretches and specific exercises, He explained their target areas, and suggested supplements to improve my overall health. Five weeks later, I feel so much better without the constant pain and stiffness. I actually feel years younger and have so much more energy for work and play! What a relief to have my life back.

Jackie S. – Age 49 – Fargo, ND

Health Care

Low Back Pain and Stiffness

I was experiencing lower back pain and stiffness in my neck prior to treatment at Balance Chiropractic. I was stiff and sore in the morning  and I had pain while I was lying down on my back.

I now have less pain in my lower back, and decreased stifness in my neck. I can lie down  on my back and stretch my back with less pain now. I can also do more exercising because of the decreased pain and stiffness.

Thanks for all that you do!

Amy D. – Age 27 – Fargo, ND

Data Management

Low Back Pian

I first came to Balance Chiropractic with awful stiffness and pain in my lower back.  It got worse when I ballroom danced. The pain was to the point where I considered not dancing anymore, and dance is my passion! Some times it was painful to walk and stand straight. I would have to take time off of dancing to recuperate!

After seeing Dr. Pozarnsky and going through the Balance Chiropractic Road to Recovery program which consisted of adjustments, physical therapy, and stretching my pain was pretty much gone! I learned several stretches and exercises that enable me to continue my passion for dance! I am so thankful!

Mellisa N.  – Age 26 – Fargo, ND


Severe Neck & Low Back Pain from an Auto Accident

When I first came in for an evaluation/ treatment I had severe neck and back pain.  I couldn’t turn my head in any direction for the most part.  I was experiencing daily headaches, with migraines 3 days per week.  To sum it up, I was miserable constantly!  I felt constant pain, I couldn’t look down to read or write, cook, or do dishes without constant pain. I would eventually get neck spasms! I had to quit or cut back on my leisure activites..I.E. bowling, softball, the lakes water fun!

I am happy to report that I am now able to enjoy my activities again.  There is still some stiffness, but by doing my exercises and stretches I am able to  get on with my life in the way that I enjoy.  It is nice to not have the pain slow my life down anymore!

Thanks so much to Dr. Dan Pozarnsky & Balance Chiropractic for helping me get my life back!

Brian K. – Fargo, ND – Age – 31

Logistics Coordinator

Low Back Pain

I can do almost anything now.  I have made good progress even though I have been aggressive by hitting a lot of golf balls.

Roger H.  – Fargo, ND – Age 49

Equipment Operator