Superhuman Hormones

Testosterone Blend

-Vitamin D3 (ideally test first) ~ 35IU/lb
-Fish oil – 2-5g/day + cod liver oil, 1-2T/day
-Brazil nuts (selenium) – 5-6/day
-Grass fed beef – several 6-8oz servings/week
-D-Aspartic Acid – 3g/day (approx 1 teaspoon)
-Myomin (aromatase inhibitor) – 1000-1500mg/day
-Prostelan (5 Alpha Reductase inhibitor + Zinc)
-Magnesium (500-1000mg/day)
-HARAPad for protecting groin if using laptop
-If very low, until you can get it up, get combo of tribulis, maca, nettle, fenugreek (recommend Optimale)

Adrenal Fatigue/Overtraining Blend

-1-2 TianChi per day on empty stomach
-1-2 Energy28 per day on empty stomach
-2-3 servings per day Trace Minerals
-Vitamin D3 ~ 35IU/lb
-Amino Acids – 5-10 MAP per day

Estrogen Dominance Blend

-Consider progesterone cream WITH testing
-Detox liver with CapraCleanse
-Also for liver, take these according to recommended dosage: calcium d-glucurate, methionine, folic acid, taurine, N-acetyl-cysteine
-400-600mg magnesium per day
-Vitamin B complex

Sex/Hormones (sexual performance)

Pre-Sex Blend

-L-Arginine – vasodilator, 3-5g, 60-90 min pre-sex w/ small amount of carbs. Recommend Citruvol.
-Horny Goat Weed, 300-500mg, daily
-Chinese Adaptogenic Herb complex – 1-2 hours prior, empty stomach
-Yohimbe, 300-500mg, 1-2 hrs prior