Superhuman Coach

Everything you need to Maximize Performance, Fat Loss, Recovery, Digestion, Brain, Sleep, and Hormones.


Becoming the best you can be is difficult when you’re held back by frustrating issues such as brain fog, body fat, an irritated gut or sore joints – so most people live their lives at just a fraction of their peak capacity, completely powerless to tap into their full potential or to achieve their goals as quickly as possible – whether that goal is to get a six-pack, run a marathon or perform at peak physical or mental capacity.

At the Superhuman Coach Network, you will instead learn how to unlock seven key modules for maximizing performance of your body and brain, and receive a system for using research-proven foods, supplements and strategies to make you unstoppable.

All the methods, systems, and strategies that can be used to enhance your body have been created into a curriculum by American fitness coach, author and speaker Ben Greenfield. In 2012, Ben launched the Superhuman Coach Network as a way to teach and certify coaches, and then connect qualified coaches with individuals who want to enhance their bodies and minds as safely, quickly and effectively as possible.